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About 3GNS R&D Solutions

3GNS is a design services company within the 3GNS corporation, offering services to companies that are in need of advanced products and solutions based on communications and IT-technology.

Our offering includes the following services:
  • Project management and development of methods and tools.
  • Pre studies and definition of products and solutions.
  • Development of embedded systems for signal processing, protocol handling, control and management.
  • Development of systems such as data base applications, systems for operation and maintenance, transaction based systems, web applications and integration of systems based on standard IT-platforms.
  • Development of wireless modules, products and systems based on cellular standards such as GSM (2G), WCDMA (3G) and LTE (4G) or other wireless standards such as WiFi and GPS.
  • Development of software for small and large systems using C/C++, C# or Java in many cases in combination with framework such as Microsoft .NET and SQL-data bases.
  • Development of electronics and mechanics for products where there is no standard hardware available. One example of what we done in this area is RF-modules, complete RF transceivers and processing platforms.
  • Test and verification and development of test systems.
  • Industrialization and introduction of products in production (NPI).
  • In cooperation with our sister companies we provide turn-key solutions for operations, maintenance and support of products and systems.
Our consultants perform their assignments as part of the customer teams or in our office depending on what's most efficient for the customer.

3GNS R&D Solutions
Kista Science Tower
164 51 Kista, Sweden